Debt Counselling process explained

At Debt Check we offer Debt Management solutions to remedy financial distress suffered by over indebted consumers that has the aim of rehabilitating you into the credit market.

Our Debt Review programme will protect you from losing valuable assets and keep Credit Providers from taking legal action.  If you have accounts where legal action already commenced; our Debt consultants could still facilitate a reasonable repayment plan with your Attorney.

If you feel you just about getting by each month or you feel the need to borrow money each month just to put food on the table or make it work because of your current monthly debt repayments, contact our debt consultants today.  They will do an assessment to determine the state of your over indebtedness.  If our debt consultants find you to be over indebted, we will notify all your Creditors and negotiate a lengthened repayment period, reduced interest rate and arrange that your installment be reduced.  We have a 96 % acceptance rate for our proposals sent to credit providers; who could also reduce your interest rate to a low 4 %.  Most unsecured / short term debt offered in our credit markets averages at 27 % interest and could go up to as much as 60 %, imagine how fast you could pay off your debt at 4 %!

All monthly debt obligations will then be consolidated into one affordable monthly installment that will cover all obligations under the debt review programme.  Once all Credit Providers agree to the proposed repayment plan, the Debt Counsellor will file an application with the Court to obtain a Consent Order which will then enforce the agreed debt repayment plan.  You will make monthly payments according to the debt repayment plan until balances have been settled or if you are able to continue with payments at the original contracted rates and installments.

As soon as you have settled all obligations in terms of the debt review, the debt counsellor may issue a clearance certificate, indicating that you are now rehabilitated and can enter into the credit market to buy that dream house or car again.  Therefore Debt Review should not been seen as an end of your financial life but you should be looked at, as a beginning to Financial Freedom.  Like a Panado, debt review takes the pain away for now and only consistent commitment with help from your doctor, can the pain can be removed forever.