What to expect when applying for Debt Counselling

Do you want to know what to expect when applying for debt counselling? Read more about the steps taken when approaching us, because many do not want to go into things blindly; not knowing what to expect.

 Step One:

Upon meeting one of our trained professionals a look into your financials will be of utmost importance.

Step two:

We will then start restructuring your financials to oblige to your debt repayments in a way that is not only affordable to you but will be acceptable to your credit providers.

Step three:

Our team of trained professionals will then have the task of contacting your credit providers and notifying them that you have become our client, and you have applied for a debt review process.

Step four:

Once one or all credit providers are notified and accept our offer on your behalf, we will then obtain a court order to finalise and document the process for finalisation.

Step Five:

An important notice: every individual’s restructuring plan differs as per individual circumstances. The process will then start for you to be steady on your way to be debt free. In an affordable and manageable manner.

Step six:

All payments will be made directly to the National Payment Distribution Agency (NPDA) monthly until the debt obligations are fulfilled.

Step seven:

When all the stress of being in debt has been lifted off your shoulders, we then issue you with a Clearance Certificate. This certificate will then be your blue print and a new start to a debt free journey.