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Debt Review Process



Step 1

Complete the contact form above and one of our Debt Advisors will contact you for an obligation free assessment. We can be contacted via phone, website or email.

Step 2

Using the provided information, a Debt Counsellors will assess whether you are currently over-indebted. We will get in contact with you to explain the best option for your current situation.

Step 3

If our Debt Counsellor deems that you are over-indebted, then Debt Check will make contact with all your credit providers to negotiate a reduced and more affordable monthly installment.

Step 4

After all your credit providers have consented to the proposed payment plan, Debt Check will obtain a court order to put the payment plan into action and to protect you and your assets.You will be required to pay the single monthly repayment amount prescribed in the repayment plan. The payment will be made to the National Payment Distribution Agency (NPDA) on a monthly basis until all the debt obligations are settled. Once this occurs, the consumer will be issued a Clearance Certificate and will be able to access credit facilities.

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