Many people live with the fairy tale thinking debt cannot swallow them.


A single mother, who works an average 9-5 job supporting three children have to deal with school supplies, daily necessities for herself and her children.

Most times these single mothers have no support from fathers regarding maintenance.

This single mother earning roughly R5000 per month would then indebt herself for housing costs, electricity, meat, groceries all excluding the necessities children need on a daily basis.

It is most likely this hard working mom would then indebt herself as she has accounts at various retailers to manage her daily expenses. Baring in mind of all interest rates, the influx in the exchange rates. The economy as a whole which has seen meat, electricity and essential grocery items increased rapidly during the past financial year.

The salary this mom would receive would thus not have her being able to attain a clean financial record.

Many people fall into this whirlpool and find themselves receiving court summons. Also, many people are not as educated regarding laws protecting them from the dangers of being in debt or even blacklisted.


There is the fallacy that many people are embarrassed to seek help when they find themselves in a debt crisis. Thus, we ask people to contact Debt Check. We have reliable and dependable consultants who can assist you and give you a sense of relieve regarding your debt crisis.

Debt is manageable, you just need to trust us!

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